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A tourist trip with a moral and cultural support group

Our company announces a trip, the first of its kind in the Arab world, for tourism and moral and intellectual support with a support group

Support Group Trip

Intellectual support trip
Duration: 5 days
Country: Türkiye - Istanbul

رحلة دعم فكري لتركيا

What are support groups?

Support Groups: A safe haven for healing and growth

Support groups play a vital role in providing a safe and compassionate space for individuals facing a wide range of challenges, from mental health issues to recovery from addiction, grief, chronic illness and beyond. These groups serve as a lifeline for those navigating difficult circumstances, providing a sense of community, understanding and hope. At the heart of every support group is the shared belief that no one should face their struggles alone

:Contact strength
Support groups bring together individuals who share similar experiences, allowing them to connect on a deep level. Here, participants find solace in knowing that they are not alone on their journey, which fosters a strong sense of belonging

:Empathy and understanding
In these compassionate environments, compassion flows freely. Participants understand each other's pain and challenges in a way that few others can. This common understanding is a balm for wounds


Expert guidance
Many support groups are facilitated by professionals or experienced individuals who have overcome similar challenges. Their guidance and ideas provide valuable coping strategies and a road map to recovery

:Judgement-free zone
Support groups are judgment-free zones where individuals can openly share their thoughts, fears, and triumphs without fear of criticism. This non-judgmental environment promotes authenticity and emotional healing

:The power is in sharing
Sharing your story and listening to others can be incredibly therapeutic. It helps participants gain perspective, reduce isolation, and find hope in others' journeys

Various offers
Support groups cover a wide range of topics and meet different needs. Whether it's a bereavement group, recovery circle, mental health support network, or chronic illness community, there's a group for almost every circumstance.

:The path to growth
While support groups provide solace during difficult times, they also empower individuals to grow and thrive. Participants often find new resilience and a sense of purpose through their shared experiences

:A beacon of hope
In the darkest of times, support groups offer a beacon of hope. They remind us that healing and transformation are possible, that recovery is a journey, and that there is power in asking for support

At their core, support groups are more than just gatherings; They are a lifeline. They are the embodiment of compassion, resilience and the unwavering belief that together we can overcome even the toughest challenges

Support hubs on our next trip

1- Deep moral support to overcome the fears that hinder us, from simple fears to deep fears

2- Redefine the purpose of our lives and the message we carry to the world

3- Identifying mental processes and the cause of misery due to overthinking

4- Recognizing the deep vision of life and death and the wrong collective way of thinking regarding this important topic

5- Recognizing deep awareness and the conflict between awareness and thinking

6- Seeing happiness for the first time comes from within and is not related to external events

7- The strength of the now and the weakness of the past and future

8- Treating problems of self-love and love of society and people

9- Getting to know life for the first time from a completely new perspective other than the inherited perspective

10- The source of effective communication with all levels of life

In addition to many topics that will be discussed through members’ brainstorming

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Whatsapp: +971 58 174 9776

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