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Mrs. Faten Al-Sada: Empowering Souls Through Life Coaching - International Vision Academy

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Mrs. Faten Al-Sada: Empowering Souls Through Life Coaching - International Vision Academy for British Coaching

In an increasingly complex world where individuals seek guidance and support to navigate the intricate path of life, Mrs. Faten Al-Sada emerges as a certified life coach, an inspirational figure who has, over the years, assisted many in achieving their goals, overcoming obstacles, and leading fulfilling lives. With a remarkable set of qualifications and a deep commitment to community service, Mrs. Faten Al-Sada has become a prominent figure in the field of life coaching.

Educational Achievements

Mrs. Faten Al-Sada's journey towards becoming a distinguished life coach commenced with a strong educational foundation:

  • In 2023, she earned a diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, reflecting her dedication to understanding the complexities of human behavior and thought processes.

  • Her interest in expanding her horizons in the field of family sociology led her to obtain a diploma in Family Sociology in the same year. This certification allowed her to gain insights into family relationship dynamics.

  • She is recognized as a certified coach by the Ministry of Education and Cambridge in 2023, highlighting her commitment to transferring knowledge and skills to others.

  • Her credentials also include recognition as a certified life coach by the Ministry of Education and Jet Smart Institute.

International Recognition

Mrs. Faten Al-Sada's commitment to excellence in the field of coaching is internationally acknowledged:

  • She earned a diploma in Life Coaching from the British Coaching Academy, renowned for producing high-caliber coaches.

  • As a member of the British Professional Coaching Club, she remains connected to a network of professionals who share her ideas and develop coaching techniques.

  • She further honed her skills by completing the "Life Coach Trainers" program from the British Kuwaiti Academy.

Comprehensive Approach

With a deep understanding of human behavior, Mrs. Faten Al-Sada adopts a comprehensive approach to life coaching. She combines her academic background in family sociology and her expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to offer holistic guidance to her clients. Her coaching services encompass personal development, relationship enhancement, and professional growth.

Community Engagement

Mrs. Faten Al-Sada's commitment to empowering individuals extends beyond her practice of life coaching:

  • She is an active member of the Qatari Women's Association, contributing to initiatives that promote gender equality, women's empowerment, and community development.

  • As a dedicated volunteer, she dedicates her time and effort to participate in various community projects, making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

  • Her significant accolades have led to the establishment of a volunteer program, fostering a spirit of giving back within her community.


Mrs. Faten Al-Sada's journey from academic excellence to becoming a certified and dedicated life coach, committed to personal and social development, reflects her deep qualifications and her profound commitment to empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Her qualifications and experience enable her to guide individuals towards achieving their full potential. Mrs. Faten Al-Sada's ongoing commitment to personal and professional growth for others makes her an inspirational figure for anyone seeking personal and professional success.

Contact Information:

International Vision Academy for British Coaching

Phone: 0097450101058

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