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مسبحة فاخرة من الفضة وأحجار الأونيكس الفخمة

The 925 Sterling Silver Rosary, adorned with the elegance of an Onyx stone, is a testament to timeless luxury and spiritual devotion. This exquisite piece of religious jewelry combines the purity of sterling silver, a precious metal celebrated for its enduring beauty, with the mystique of the Onyx gemstone, renowned for its deep black hue and spiritual significance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each bead of this Rosary resonates with the essence of faith. The sterling silver chain gleams with a resplendent luster, providing a striking contrast to the Onyx stone, which exudes an aura of protection and strength.

In addition to its aesthetic allure, the Onyx stone carries a rich spiritual history, symbolizing grounding and stability. This Rosary, with its carefully selected Onyx stone, becomes a talisman of protection and serenity.

Whether as a cherished personal adornment or a meaningful gift, the 925 Sterling Silver Rosary with Onyx stone embodies luxury and devotion, serving as a constant reminder of faith's enduring grace and the eternal beauty of the divine. It is a statement of elegance and spirituality, uniting the material and the sacred in perfect harmony.

Luxury Silver Rosary

AED950.00 Regular Price
AED550.00Sale Price
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